Saturday 31 March 2012

Striping Tape Experimenting

I've been waiting just over a month for the striping tapes I ordered to arrive, checking the post everyday. Then, when they did arrive, I didn't even know it was them because they were so tiny and the 'packet' was only a tiny envelope. I decided to try them out as soon as they arrived, with trepidation, knowing that all previous tape manis had failed.
I mentioned on Tumblr that I spent an hour on my left hand waiting for it to dry, an hour! And then when I got round to doing the right hand I got some tape stuck to it accidently after 10 minutes and there was no peeling, so I was kind of annoyed to know that I didn't actually need to have waited an hour! Nevertheless, I can learn from my mistakes, and now know that a striping tape mani really is a quick job :)

I'm actually pretty happy with how it turned out, though in future I'll make them more detailed, I hate simple manis, I dont know if that makes me weird, but I need a challenge!