Friday 17 August 2012

Day 30: Inspired by a tutorial

The second I saw what today's post was I knew what I wanted to do. I did this design before way back when I never took pictures of my work (idiot) and it probably wasn't very good anyway but it's such an awesome design that I wanted to do it again. I chose this tutorial by the Daily Nail, the blog that started me on the path to nail art, and let's face it she is awesome at nail art!

I love these nails because they really stand out and I'll be re-doing them for my holiday on Saturday (don't worry I have lots of posts lined up) because I can't take any nail varnish with me (BOO)

Hope you like them! I had to mattify them because I've run out of Seche Vite and whilst I have other top coats they are AWFUL and I didn't want to ruin these nails with them + matte is awesome.



  1. whoaaa this totally rocks! your design looks so perfect! :0

  2. Looks great! Super cute color scheme :3

  3. They look amazing matte, this look was made for matte!! Gorgeous x

  4. This is so cute!! The matte looks really good!


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