Saturday 8 December 2012

Then and Now: Week 5

Hey everyone! Today's post very nearly didn't happen but I set Saturday as the date as Saturday it shall stay, even if it means coming back to uni from home to do it! This time is another summery design, just to opt out of the christmas nails (which I promise will happen soon enough), I did go through my 'archives' for the then and now challenge to find something more christmassy but I only have one design so I shall do that nearer christmas, turns out I was a sucker for bright colours 2 years ago!

I actually remember doing this design, mainly because I did the bees so thick that after 4 hours they still hadnt dried and were instead smudged all over my dressing gown (which has since pretty much just turned into a paint palette and I've got a new one for when I'm not painting my nails). So this time, I obviously didn't want to repeat that, but I knew I wouldn't because I have learnt from my mistakes (or so I hope!). Anyway, aside from having to do the acrylic paint that was coming off on my thumb there were no mishaps this time, and I am typing this with the manicure still perfectly in tact! See the original picture after the jump!

Originally I used nail art pens and dotting tools to create this design but this time I used dotting tools and a cut down nail art brush, and acrylic paint, rather than just polish. I also changed the bees and added outlining to the strawberry. Both times I used Barry M - Blueberry for the blue, which I 100% recommend as it's opaque in 1 coat. And this time I used Nail Inc - St James for the red. The green is Sally Hansen - Just in Lime, and the yellow is NYC's Lexington yellow.

What do you think of the change? Let me know in the comments!


  1. This mani is so adorable! I'm glad you didn't have any mishaps this time around!

  2. Such a difference! The original is still pretty special by anyone's standards, but I love the new bees! Love these posts.

  3. Genius. Those bees are positively adorable!


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