Friday 20 September 2013

Barry M Autumn/Winter 2013 Royal Glitter Nail Polish Collection

Hey everyone! Today I have another Barry M collection to show you, this time the Royal Glitter collection, which is a collection of textured glitters. These are just like the OPI Liquid Sand polishes, but much much cheaper, and definitely a great alternative for those who don't want to spend too much! These polishes will be released on the 25th September in Superdrug and the 2nd October in Boots and will be sold for £3.99 each.

For all these pictures I used 2 coats of Seche Vite on the index and ring fingers to show you what the polishes look like with topcoat. The rest of the post will be after the jump otherwise it will be a bit too long

First up is Dutchess* which is a gorgoues silvery-lilac glitter. Out of all the glitters this has the largest pieces of glitter, but I really like the effect it gives. This was 2 easy coats. I absolutely love this polish both with and without topcoat but I'm certainly curious to see whether it works as a topper as well.

Next up is Majesty*, a sparkling gold which certainly suits its name. I actually really like this both with and without topcoat, but I think topcoat just gives it that extra something, and also I get a bit cringy about the feel of textured after a while. This was 2 coats

Then we have Princess*, a mixture of pink and gold glitter. With topcoat the shine on this is absolutely gorgeous, and for that reason I probably prefer it with topcoat, but I think it's entirely down to personal preference on textured polishes. This was 2 coats

 Next is Lady*, a shimmery white glitter which just definitely makes me think of wedding dresses. Top coat made very little difference to the colour of the polish, but again it serves to smooth it out, and it still stays as a gorgeous polish. This was 2 coats

And last, but 100% not least, is my favourite of the whole collection, Countess*. It's incredibly different to describe the colour of this polish because it shines differently in all lights, but it's easiest to describe as a dark purple with an amazing amount of glitter. Unlike the rest of the polishes (except perhaps Princess to an extent), this really comes to life with topcoat, making it seem like an entirely different polish.

I love this polish so much that I've actually worn it all week, and not got sick of it! Definitely some kind of record for me

Overall I love these polishes and I would definitely recommend them, especially Countess
I know a lot of people have been wondering about removal. I normally use the PVA glue removal method for glitter, but I really couldn't be bothered waiting for it to dry this time so I just applied and removed these with my usual polish remover. It took a few seconds longer than usual but I didn't particularly struggle. That might just be because my (70p) remover is good, or because they're not too hard to remove, I don't know, but I certainly wouldn't let removal issues put you off buying these polishes.

What do you think? Let me know in the comments!

*products in this post were provided to me for review but all opinions are entirely my own and were not influenced in any way


  1. these are absolutely amazing! xx

    Martyna | NEON MIZZLE

  2. OMG Princess what a beauty :)

  3. Great swatches, I think I'll probably get princess and lady cause they're so pretty!! :)

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  5. LAdy and Princess are sooo gorgeous!

  6. They are stunning! Barry M's nail polishes have been catching my eyes lately and this one is no exception either.
    I am crazy about Lady, once worn on nails it gives off the vibe of elegance and classy. Thanks for the great swatches! :)

  7. Beautiful looking polishes, really impressed with this collection.

  8. I'm not someone to wear textured nail polish but the shade Princess is so pretty!! I think I may have to purchase one.

  9. These look incredible! I can't wait to get my hands on them :)

    Kate xo |

  10. Hi...I LOVE your blog (now let me just tuck my fan girl away for a bit). Question: would you say all textured glitters are glitters, but not all glitters are textured glitters? I ask because I noticed you described "the Royal Glitter collection" as "a collection of textured glitters." I've heard many polishes described as glitters but always with the assumption that top coat would be applied over them (hence, the term "glitter eater" for glitter polishes that suck up a lot of top coat before they agree to feel smooth to the touch and glossy to the eye). This is the first time I've seen glitter polishes talked about as "textured" as though there are glitter polishes which aren’t textured. I know textured polishes are meant to be worn without topcoat in order to capitalize on their “raw” finish. (Though, like you, I don't care much for the feel of textured polishes and I always apply top coat when I use the few I own in order to bring the look and feel of them to my satisfaction.) To sum up, I'm wondering if Barry M's marketing stresses this glitter collection as "textured" and thus to wear them "properly" means to wear them without topcoat? Or is there any mention about using topcoat to achieve another look to the polish (like China Glaze's Tranzitions collection)? Wow, I just realized I must like using "quotes" a lot. :) Last, I have a comment which includes a link. I'd like to remind everyone reading they have only a little more than a measly week left to buy your nail wraps at Alice is Scratch’s featured artist this month. I think it's criminal only three designs are chosen. What about and and and and...(well, I could proudly fly my fan girl flag for quite a while). Scratch should have eitherd offered more than three of your designs or had you as their featured artist for several months in a row. Back to my first subject: I’m going to order Princess because it’s gorgeous with top coat, but I’d like to hear your input about if all glitters are textured polishes? Thanks, Delphi Michaels

    1. That's a good question, I'm not actually sure about the difference between textured and normal glitters, except perhaps that a topcoat usually transforms a textured one, and they're a lot more matte. They're definitely stressed to be a textured collection, rather than just a glitter collection by barry m. And thankyou so much! I wish I could have had more designs too but I guess it doesn't work like that, hopefully more people will buy them and then they'll ask me back next year :) Thanks for your comment, I also replied to your comment on my nail girls post!

  11. wow these are all gorgeous! great swatches :)

  12. I am in LOVE with Princess! Thanks for the swatches, I'm definitely going to buy!

  13. Where can I get these nail polishes. I'm in the US.

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  15. I have Countless and I love it, but I'm not sure whether to wear it for this party with a royal blue dress or spilled milk by Topshop. What do you think?

  16. They’re a bit pricey but it’s totally worth it!
    ~Pauline @Kallony

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