Saturday 15 August 2015

Little Ondine Water Based Nail Polish Review + Nail Art

Hey everyone! Today I have a new brand to show you, one I hadn't heard of before I was sent these polishes to try out. They're called Little Ondine and they make water based polishes, which are free from all the chemicals we're usually putting on our nails. I was really intrigued to try these as I've only ever tried one other water based polish and it was very, well, watery. I'm pleased to tell you that these are the complete opposite. They also dry insanely fast, no exaggeration. They were dry before I'd even put the brush back in the bottle (which made it a little difficult to touch up any mistakes!), especially the topcoat which was very impressive. These also peel off once you're done so that you don't have to use chemicals to remove them. 

Unfortunately I didn't read the 'How To Use' section of the website before applying, admittedly I felt rather cocky and didn't think I needed to after years of painting my nails! The section specifically says not to have a bath straight after applying, which is exactly what I did... Oops! So the polish started lifting straight away, and most of them had completely peeled off 24 hours later, but that is entirely my fault. I know from having spoken to other bloggers such as Brit Nails that they do last if you follow the instructions, so let that be a lesson to all (mainly me).

I was sent three polishes from their wide range of colours, two colours and one topcoat. I was surprised at how many colours they have in their collection, and even glitters. This definitely makes them very appealing to those who hate removing glitter polish, because all you have to do is peel off, with no damage to your natural nail. The colours I was sent were Nirvana* and Stellar*, and I also received 'Secret'* their topcoat/basecoat. I decided to create some nail art with them, which you can see below. More info on the nail art after the jump!

The base for the nails is Nirvana* then I used Stellar* on my accent nails. The design is done by stamping with cotton buds (a technique I talked about here), and using Barry M - Cotton, Barry M - Rose Hip, Barry M - Fondant and Barry M - Sky Blue. I figured that because the stamping does not create thick layers of polish it would not effect the water based polish underneath. Then I finished off with a coat of Secret*

And here's a shot of Nirvana* all by itself (with a coat of Secret*):

What do you think? Have you ever tried Little Ondine?
Let me know in the comments!


  1. I've read a few reviews of these and I'm really excited about them. I'm all for products that don't contain any nasty ingredients but it's the peelable factor that I find the most amazing. Never again will I have to go through the usual glitter removal faff! I love the nail art you have done, it's very pretty :)

  2. Awww...this is so cute. I super like the combination of the color and glitter topper. Its a must try indeed!

  3. I think waterbased polish is a great alternative if you have little ones, you wouldn't have to worry about them nibbling away chemicals like they would with usual polish. Also love the look you did!

  4. Super cute! Love the nail art look.

  5. Wow! Rather impressive and appealing, I say. Nirvana is lovely as is your nail art.
    I just have a question though - do you think these would go with any kind of nail art? I mean, acrylic paints or the watercolour technique, for instance.

  6. What an interesting concept! I never knew such a thing existed. This has definitely intrigued me to try them out for myself!

  7. A glitter polish I can just peel off would be wonderful! I can't say I've ever heard of these, but how fascinating and I'm pretty sure they'd be good for different people for all kinds of reasons! Love that nail art you've done! Looking into this cotton bud technique straight away!

  8. These colors are beautiful and your nail art is great! I love that there are more natural options out there on the market :)


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