Wednesday 2 September 2015

Exclusive: Barry M Autumn/Winter 2015 Sunset Daylight Curing Collection Review + Swatches

Hey everyone! I have my first ever exclusive to show you, which is pretty exciting. Today Barry M released 4 new polishes to add to their Sunset Daylight Curing collection* for Autumn/Winter, exclusively for Boots. I was sent these last month to create some exciting things with (which I'm sure you'll hear about soon) and I was given today as the first posting date for these, so here I am! The new collection consists of a dark purple, a dark red/wine shade, a dark mushroom shade, and a light pink. The light pink seems to be a bit of an anomaly in the collection, but I think it helps to brighten them up a bit. If you didn't see my review of the original collection you can see it here. The Sunset polishes cure in daylight, and they're supposed to last longer and be harder than regular nail polish. Yet, with the same removal as regular polish. Although, they also cure under artificial lighting, which will be helpful in the Autumn and Winter months. As we saw with the older collection they also have a wider brush than regular Barry M colours, just like the Quick Dry collection, which makes application a lot easier. 


First up is Dark Side Of The Shroom* a gorgeous mauve. This was just one easy coat, and with the wide brush it only took a couple of strokes for perfect application. It also dried incredibly fast. This is without the Sunset Topcoat as I wanted to showcase them all on their own. 

Next up is Plum On Baby Light My Fire*, a dark plum shade (as the name suggests). This was 2 easy coats, although the first coat was patchy and I thought perhaps application might be tricky it all evened out with the second coat. Again, shown without topcoat and it dried very fast. It was also easy to clean up, which is always surprising when it comes to darker colours

Do You Pink I'm Sexy?* is a beautiful baby pink. As much as I love this shade, application was slightly tricky was this. This was 3/4 coats depending on the nail in question as application wasn't consistent. Although, the wide brush did make application a lot easier than if it'd had a regular brush, as it allowed me to only have minimal strokes. If you're willing to work around the application, this is a really lovely shade which will make Autumn a bit less brown!

And finally is Vengeance Is Wine*, a deep (you guessed it) wine shade. I must admit, when I first opened the parcel I thought I'd been sent two of the same shade as this and Plum On Baby Light My Fire* are very similar. However, you can tell the difference in person on the nail a lot more, and you can definitely tell with the first coat that there's a significant difference in the two shades, even if it's not immediately apparent! This was two easy coats, but it dried fast and shiny, again shown without topcoat. I was also expecting this to be difficult to clean up but it wasn't at all

Overall I do really like this collection. I've created a couple of nail art looks using them which you'll see over the next week or so now I can finally post them! I think they fit well with the rest of the Sunset polishes but also with Autumn/Winter. 

If you liked the previous Sunset polishes, or you have yet to try them, I'd definitely recommend giving these a go. I think in terms of shade Do You Pink I'm Sexy is my favourite. But in terms of application, it would have to be the marvellous one-coater that is Dark Side Of The Shroom*.

You can get these now exclusively at Boots (either in store or online) for £4.99 each.

What do you think? Let me know in the comments!


  1. I'm so glad to see your swatches, I really wanted to see them swatched as soon as I saw them on Twitter. The plum and wine shade look VERY similar on the nail but a bit different in the publicity shots, I must see these in person (they weren't up in my local Boots today) but I think I might pick up the Mushroom shade, especially if its a one coater!

  2. Preto é sempre perfeito.
    Já gosto pelo vidrinho.

    blog Usei Hoje

  3. Dark Side Of The Shroom looks incredible!

    Sara - She Who Is Short

  4. I also love this collection. Every color has its own kind of beauty. Thumbs up!

  5. Can you were those without doing anything about the light? I mean, I don't have any artificial sun lamps & summer is fully over. So can I just apply them and wear them as any other normal polish or not? I really like the Dark Side of the Shroom.


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