Monday 7 August 2017

Nails on Tour: Ibiza Long Weekend

Hey everyone!  It's been a while since I did a 'nails on tour' post, but as I mentioned in my last post I recently went to Ibiza and I decided to show my nails on tour once again. I did actually take the photos to do a post like this when I went travelling in April, but have never got round to it and now I think it's maybe too late. Let me know if you think I should still post them, I went to 7 different countries in 2 weeks so there's a lot of content! Anyway, here's my long weekend in Ibiza:

We got to Ibiza late evening on the Friday, so we went for some food and decided to have a couple of drinks and a walk around. Somehow we turned onto the strip and ended up going out! I know it's Ibiza but my intention was to just have a chill holiday.. it didn't really pan out that way! 

On the first full day we headed down to the front to explore and just to see what San Antonio was like. It was a bit cloudy but still very warm which is just what I needed after living in rainy old Yorkshire! 

Unfortunately right after the photo below was taken we were accosted by some women on the front. They surrounded the 4 of us and grabbed our wrists and tried to put bracelets on us and charge us. Luckily I'm quite a watchful person so I knew what was happening as soon as she grabbed me and I fought her off, and I managed to fight her off my boyfriend too (although I received some spit to the face and some nice insults for the pleasure). Unfortunately the couple we were with weren't so lucky, and they were forced to hand over money. This left a bit of a sour taste so we decided to turn around and go back the way we came, so we didn't make it that far along the front! For the rest of the day we just chilled by the pool and then went for some food in the evening. 

After we'd have a chill afternoon, we decided to head out and watch the sunset. Most people recommended Cafe Mambo as the best place to watch the sunset, but someone had mentioned to my boyfriend that the Golden Buddah bar around the corner is actually much better, and they were totally right! We fell in love with the bar, even though it was very expensive, and we also fell in love with the sunset. 

Above: before the sunset, below: whilst it was setting. The sunset in Ibiza really is as gorgeous as they say, and it was such a nice chill evening. 

On the morning of the second day we went to Skinny Kitchen, a healthy eatery on the sea front. They make very insta-worthy food, so my friend had heard about them through Instagram, and we decided to give them a try. 10/10 for food but slightly pricey for a poached egg! Then again, it is Ibiza and everything is pretty pricey there. 

After breakfast we took a walk down the jetty to look out to sea, and I couldn't resist taking a couple of pictures against the gorgeous backdrop. Above is at the end of the jetty and below is at the start. 

For the rest of the day we lounged by the pool, which was really my aim for the holiday so I wasn't complaining! In the evening we went out for a few drinks, which turned into a full night out of course, and unfortunately we were then robbed again. My friend had his phone stolen out of his pocket by someone pretending to football tackle him. Luckily we realised pretty much instantly and forced the guy to hand it back over, it could have definitely been a lot worse but it still added to our feeling that San Antonio wasn't a particularly safe place. 

We ended up just relaxing by the pool for most of the last day too, aside from a visit to the worst aquarium ever (seriously if you're ever in San Antonio don't bother paying 5 Euros for entry to the aquarium, it's pretty much just a walkway over a pond), and a boat trip back to the front from the aquarium. We also had the best tapas of our lives on our final night, at a place called Es Verro, which I would 100% recommend if you ever visit.  

I didn't take many photos unfortunately, I felt like I took a lot but now I look back and I realise I missed some pretty big chunks of the weekend! I'm going to Berlin in a few weeks so I'll try not to make the same mistake there. 

Have you ever been to San Antonio? Do you agree with my assessment of it?
Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Great idea with "nails on tour" :D And of course great nails ! :)


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