Friday 13 July 2018

Minnie Mouse Polka Dots

Hey everyone! It feels like forever since I last wrote a blogpost. I've been busy with the whole house buying malarkey, although I do post a bit more regularly on Instagram if you don't already follow me on there. I'm at the Scratch Star Awards on Sunday, I'm nominated for Best Nail Art blog and I'm really excited! 

These nails were inspired by the Papier x Disney collection. I really like the collection as a whole, but I loved how these translated so easily into nails. They didn't take me very long either! They're just slightly extravagant polka dots really. 

I used Barry M - Cotton for the base, then I used a dotting tool and Barry M - Black Forest for the polka dots. 

I then used black acrylic paint to add the ears, and I also used acrylic paint for the belows, all done with my Winstonia Berry Wine brushes. Finished with Seche Vite, then a coat of Barry M - Matte topcoat. 

What do you think? Let me know in the comments!

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