Monday 28 May 2018

Navy Florals

Hey everyone! Don't you just love the fact that there are two bank holidays in May? It goes so quick! I'm really excited for the end of the month, because not only is it pay day (always the best day) I'm also going to Spain! Time to get some proper sun. In honour of my holiday, I've got some very non-summery nails. Although I suppose they do have flowers on them... that's summery right? 

Tuesday 1 May 2018

Big Brush Flowers

 Can you tell I didn't know what to title this post? At least it's catchy...ish! As is a common theme with my blog, I did these a while ago but hadn't got around to editing the pictures. These were inspired by @nailsbyharlig on Instagram. I really loved her easy-to-follow tutorial and couldn't resist creating some of my own!