Friday 28 September 2012

Gradients and hearts

Hi guys! I should have a new tutorial up in the next few days, my camera unfortunately didn't focus on ANY photos because it was low light so I have to do them again :(
Anyway, I have another old mani for you today because the inspiration and motivation is still not coming! Hope you like them :)


Wednesday 26 September 2012

Zooey Deschanel Emmy Nails Tutorial

Hi everyone, I did this tutorial on the request of but wanted to post this here, so I hope you enjoy it, tutorial after the jump! (Also, I'm sorry about the quality of some of the photos, my camera is playing up and this was the second time I did these nails because the first time I didn't get any decent pictures)

Monday 24 September 2012

Underwater nail set

Hello everyone! Today I have another nail set for you based on these nails I did a while ago. Someone asked me to make them into a nail set for them and I obliged, and also decided to take pictures and sell them on Etsy. I love doing these nails so if you guys buy them I can do some more ;) (HINT)


Thursday 20 September 2012

Collection 2000 Hot Looks: review and nail art

Hey everyone! I've still not taken the easy way out and gone home yet, battling through it (though I wish I didn't have to) so again I'm bringing you a post that I did before I came here. The lovely Hannah from Collection PR was so quick in sending me these and I intended to be quick in posting them. I swatched them straight away but the stress of moving got in the way and I've only just got around to editing them. I hope you enjoy my first official review even if it took longer than intended! All pictures were taken in natural inside light. I'll show you swatches first and then at the end I'll show you the nail art I created with these 4 polishes, but I'm warning you now of the extreme overload in pictures you're about to receive!

Tuesday 18 September 2012

Pink Gradients Take 2

Hi everyone, sorry it's been a bit quiet around here for a few days, I've just moved away to uni and I'm feeling pretty low at the moment. I've not done my nails and I dont want to either. This is a design I did a few weeks ago in preparation for such a thing, and some of you may have seen this on my instagram before I added the studs. I'm trying to improve my gradient-ing skills because they're never very ombre and I dont think these are much better, though I liked them a lot more once I added the studs, hope you all like them too!


Saturday 15 September 2012

Feather Tutorial

So after I posted these feather nails the other day I had loads of requests to do a tutorial for them. I'm really happy that you guys are asking me for tutorials because a) I like doing them and b) it means I must be doing something right. So I hope you like this one! More after the jump

Thursday 13 September 2012

Ikat and beads

This post was just as a result of me messing around with yesterday's nails, I really debated whether to post these and I'm still not really sure about them. Mainly because I dont want you all to think I'm being lazy with posting because I posted twice about my feather nails as well. I tend to like seeing how designs can be transformed into something, be it with matte top coat or beads and I'm sorry if you were expecting something new today, I'll try not to do this too much! 

I hope you like them anyway :) Alice

Wednesday 12 September 2012

Geometric Ikat

Hello everyone! So, I've been wanting to do ikat nails for a while but I never really intended to do it on these nails. I was just going to do shapes like these nails with peach and white, but they ended up looking really .. plain (see the first picture after the jump) but then I didn't know what to add to them until I remembered I'd been intending to try ikat nails, so here you go! 

Tuesday 11 September 2012

Skittles nail set

So today I have another post showing you a new nail set I've done which is now on my Etsy. Similar to my Jelly Beans Set: Skittles nails! Hope you like them :)


Sunday 9 September 2012

Fruit and veg anyone?

After seeing Rebecca Likes Nails' apple post the other day I was inspired to try these nails, but I knew I didn't want just apples, but a mix of fruit and veg. So I present to you, grapes, carrots, lemons, apples and oranges miniaturized! Hope you like them :) 


Friday 7 September 2012

Books and bookshelves

Hello everyone, today's post was inspired by something I love: reading! I've been meaning to do bookshelf nails for ages but when it came to it I decided I wanted to do open books as well. I was originally only going to do one big giant open book as an accent nail but that didn't really happen and I dont really know why haha. Anyway, I like how they turned out despite that and I hope you do too!


Wednesday 5 September 2012

Mattified feather nails

Hello everyone! As you all well know I love matte nails, so I couldn't let one of my favourite manicures go un-mattified could I? I preferred these matte in person, though through the photos I prefer them glossed. I'll let you make your mind up which looks better. I also got asked quite a few times last night for a tutorial, which will be coming up in the next week or so :) I really debated whether to put these up here because I dont want to bore you with the same manicure 3 times but I hope you like them!


Tuesday 4 September 2012

Subtle feather nails

I got the inspiration for these nails from Kayla Shevonne when she did feather nails a few weeks ago. I loved the idea and decided to recreate it myself and it's so easy to do! 

I think I'll definitely be experimenting with different colours in the future for something a bit more bold, these are very subtle. Unfortunately, in person they were barely noticeable and I like nails that stand out a bit more. They're perfect for blogging though so I hope you like them!


Monday 3 September 2012

Blue Mix 'n' Match

So after the pink mix and match I decided I really liked how they turned out and I wanted to try something similar with blue (my favourite colour if you havn't yet noticed haha) and I like these even more than the pink ones! I hope you do too

I used a base of Barry M - Blue Moon, with Essie - School of Hard Rocks for the darker blue and China Glaze Electric Feel for the lighter blue



Saturday 1 September 2012

Fixed it?

So for those you follow me on instagram (@onenailtorulethemall) you'll have seen the nails I posted a few days ago in pure desperation to just do my nails whilst I was away. I didn't take any nail varnish with me but managed to pick up two Nails Inc. nail varnishes for £2 at a car boot (whut), a light pink and a purple.

Whilst there, I decided to do my nails with no tools and no clean up and although they weren't that bad they needed more to them, so as soon as I got home I got out a paintbrush and some black and outlined all the flowers, and I love them so much more now! I hope you do too :)