Thursday 1 November 2012

Review: Born Pretty Store glow in the dark polish

Hi everyone! Today I have a review for you from Born Pretty Store on their glow in the dark polish number #06. I've also compared it to China Glaze's 'Ghoulish Glow', hope you like it! Each time I used 2 coats of either Ghoulish Glow or #06 and there's no top coat

So firstly we have a comparison of Ghoulish Glow and #06 in daylight. The yellow polish is #06 and the white is Ghoulish Glow. It's great that Ghoulish Glow doesn't leave a colour but it's not a big deal for #06 because it's what you expect from a glow in the dark polish. After all OPI's 'Zombody To Love' (which you can see here) is a very obvious green. More pictures after the jump!

Now here is them in the dark. I felt it necessary to show you the difference between the first and the second photo because although it's not that noticeable in the photos Ghoulish Glow lasted barely a minute with a strong enough glow to notice, whereas #06 is very clear and very bright in both pictures. I also love #06 glows blue, it's so bright!

This is #06 on its own and these kept their glow for a lot longer than I've ever seen Zombody To Love or Ghoulish Glow manage!

I decided to create some nail art with them too, because of course this is after all a nail art blog and I couldn't resist, so glow in the dark drips it was!

This is the only photo with top coat because I kept these on a bit longer.

I love the effect of these, even if I did put too many drips on them.

Overall, I was incredibly impressed with #06, it dried fast, as did Ghoulish Glow, and although it was yellow the incredible glow it produced made it worth it. I will definitely be buying more colours from this range, even if halloween is over!

#06 retails at $4.99 on and if you use my coupon of KHL91 you can get 10% off!

Hope you liked this review,

This product was provided for me to review by Born Pretty Store, my views and opinions are entirely my own and I was not influenced in any way for this post


  1. Oh this is great review! Loving the blue glow too, so bright! how awesome!

  2. Wow how awesome! Love the drips!

  3. WoW! I had placed the Bornpretty GID polish in my cart then removed it coz I had no clue if the glow would last. Your review helped. Off shopping.. ta!

  4. Wow! I've just ordered this based on your photos; you're such an enabler! ;D

  5. So cool to see these side by side! Seriously awesome review! I own both and I had no idea the BPS one was so much brighter. Must use it more often! :) I love the drips you did, they look amazing in the dark! x

  6. WOW! I am totally getting the BPS polish!!

  7. Wow how awesome is that. Have never seen or heard of a glow in the dark polish before. What a treat, looks fantastic and one for halloween and clubbing.

    Kate xx

  8. that's really awesome! I've been wanting a glow in the dark polish for a while and I think I'll probably have to get this one now :) the drips look awesome in the dark, too!

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  10. I really wanna know how did you manage to capture them so well!! Because no matter what I do My cam refuses to capture that GLOW-Y goodness.. Awesome review by the way :)


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