Tuesday 24 December 2013

Tutorial Tuesday: Christmas Eve Reindeer

Hey everyone! It's christmas eve! (now technically christmas day) I completely forgot to post this last christmas tutorial but I really want to go to sleep and wake up to christmas so it's only going to be a short post, and I haven't numbered the steps but hopefully you can work it out! Merry christmas everyone

The base for these nails is MASH - White, and I used Barry M - Red, Barry M - Red Glitter, Barry M -Mushroom and the black Barry M nail art pen.

Step 1: Paint your nails white 
Step 2: Using the brush from the bottle, paint a half circle in brown at the tip of your nails
Step 3: Paint a smaller half circle on top of the previous one using the same technique
Step 4: Using a dotting tool or brush (or a Barry M white nail art pen) draw the eyes and the base for the nose 
Step 5: Paint over the nose using red nail polish and red glitter over the top
Step 6: Paint black dots in the centre of the white for the eyes using a Barry M black nail art pen or dotting tool
Step 7: Using the nail art pen or dotting tool/brush paint on the antlers
Step 8: Finish off with a topcoat to seal in your design

Have a good christmas everyone!

P.S. If you haven't already I would super appreciate it if you could vote for my design in the China Glaze holiday competition here


  1. Awww...this is so cute! Love the color combos and the reindeer design. So this is how to do this kind of nail art. I will try to do this and see if it looks great like this one. Thanks for sharing this tutorial.

  2. so cute.. your lines are so perfect!

  3. Love them! Merry Christmas to you!

  4. The reindeer's look so cute! Great design and tutorial! :)

  5. This is such an adorable design! Great tutorial :)


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