Sunday 16 February 2014

Review Week, Day Seven: Mavala 'London', 'Montevideo' and 'Sapporo' swatches

Hey everyone! We made it, it's the last day of review week, if you'd like to see all the posts from this week you can see them here. I think this is the first time in ages, if ever, that I've posted 7 days in a row without fail. I almost had a breakdown mid-week after editing, whilst drunk, until 5am, and I definitely wanted to quit the week, if not blogging altogether, but I did it! Have you enjoyed this week? Or would you rather I just stuck to nail art? I'd love to know your thoughts!

For the last day I have these cute polishes from Mavala. These are actually my first Mavala polishes and I'm definitely impressed by the formula and the brushes as you'll see below, despite their tiny bottles.

First up is Montevideo*, a gorgeous deep red. It's actually a bit darker than the picture makes it out to be, and it looks great, you'll see some nail art with it in the next few days! This was 2 very easy coats, and application was brilliant

Next is Sapporo* which is a beautiful caramel creme. This again was 2 easy coats without topcoat

Finally is London*, the perfect 'London red'. This was just 1 coat with amazing formula, and without topcoat. It's also definitely more creamy than most reds

Overall I really do like them, from what I've seen Mavala polishes have great formula and great coverage. I only needed thin coats for these and I can't express how easy they were to apply, the brush is just as good as the formula which does of course help. However, the bottle size is definitely a turn off, these retail for around £4 and for that price I would expect more, but then again how often do you actually get through a full bottle of nail polish?

What do you think? Let me know in the comments


  1. go and chip no more16 February 2014 at 17:49

    I love Mavala polishes -so- much. I don't get along with most of the brands other nail bloggers like (hate OPI, hate Essie, hate China Glaze, hate Barry M, kinda okay with butterLondon but still not my fave) but Mavala just works. Also, my local shop have regular 3 for £5 of mavala. It's just, brilliant brushes, easy to use formulas, several great colours. (although, their black and white are so-so. Not a fan of the black.)

  2. Oooooh these look lovely. I especially like the Montevideo one. I've never actually seen Mavala polishes anywhere :/ I will keep a look out!
    Love Jasmine
    Rabbitwood | beauty and lifestyle blog

  3. I think having a week of swatches is a great idea! I'd still like to see lots of nail art though - your ideas are always great! I love the look of all of these colours - I think they'd make great bases for nail art :)

  4. Jas, if you're near a John Lewis, I seen them in there. Also probably on their website too. Tiny bottles, though!


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