Friday 25 July 2014

Gradient Polka Dots

Hey everyone! The more keen eyed of you may have noticed that I just posted a design, all of ten minutes ago. But apparently I completely forgot that I already posted it, two weeks ago. I feel like such a dingbat, but I'm blaming the fact that it's hot and it's 1:30am and I really need to sleep! I didn't want to leave you without a design though, so here's a quick and simple polka dot gradient look. I created this gradient for Avon, and you can see the steps to create it on their Facebook page, but I decided to add polka dots to it just to see how it would look, and I really think it makes the design 100x better!

The base for these nails was Avon - Lemon Sugar and then I used Coral Reef and Cultured Purple for the gradient, and added Graffiti Nails - Ice White for the polka dots.

And here's the design without the polka dots:

What do you think? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Oh yes, much better with the dots!

  2. Lovely! Love it with dots too. Great choice indeed!

  3. I love these colors together, and the dots really make it all go nicely!

  4. These colours are so perfect together, they remind me of a sunset!
    Jodie xx

  5. Lovely! I like it a lot more with the dots. :)

  6. ohh such a nice result! I love it


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