Monday 27 October 2014

Tribal Nail Art for Avon + Tutorial

Hey everyone! Just a quick post tonight, I have no reason behind it except that I've spent my whole evening listening to 1989 and that's enough of an excuse for me, I absolutely love this album, can't wait to torment my friends by repeatedly playing it for the next few months! Anyway, tonight's nails are some tribal nails I created for Avon last month, they were meant to be a simple look but I ended up getting a bit carried away and they're definitely not simple anymore. I also created a tutorial for these so hopefully you can follow it, I got a bit distracted between steps so there's a bit of a jump.

Step 1: Paint your nails with your base colour, and using a striping brush and pink nail polish (i mixed white and red) paint stripes across your nails, these don’t need to be the same size.
Step 2: Paint stripes across your nails in a different colour
Step 3: Outline the stripes in black and add details
Step 4: Add white details. The great thing about tribal nails is that you can be as random as you want, so there aren’t any specific instructions, just do whatever you want! I added a few more black details and then I finished off with a topcoat to seal in the design

What do you think? Let me know in the comments!


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