Friday 10 October 2014

Gel Series, Part 3: Removing Gel Manicures

Hey everyone! Part 3 of the gel series was supposed to be 'applying and removing gel manicures' with a video tutorial for the application but unfortunately I still cant get my iMovie working so I'll put the video up as a part 4 whenever I can fix it, however long that might take! You can see part 1 here, and part 2 here. Part 3 is the removal of gels, and I know that for some this can be the most daunting part of gel manicures. I often hear people saying that they don't want gels doing as they will damage their nails. Gels SHOULDN'T ruin your nails, unless they are applied and/or removed badly.  Today I'm going to compare two gel removal kits, and also talk about what to do when removing gels to prevent damage.

What do you get?
- 30 foil nail wraps
- 3 manicure (orangewood) sticks
- 1 Buffer

Price: £5.99 (ASDA), £7.99 (Superdrug, Feel Unique)

Whilst you do get quite a few bits with this kit, I feel like it should at least include a bottle of acetone to help with removal. I do, however, think that it's good that it includes a buffer, which is rare in the kits I've seen and tried. I do feel that 30 foil wraps just isn't enough for the price you're paying, especially when they can be made at home relatively easily. Nonetheless, you can feel the quality in the products, and it's a good kit for those who do not have manicure sticks or buffers at home.

What do you get?
- 50 ml Acetone
- 1 Manicure Stick
- 50 Foil Nail Wraps

Price: £9.96 (Magis), £13.45 (Amazon)

Again, I feel that for the price you're just not getting enough. Foil isn't that expensive to buy, and neither are cotton pads, BUT for the convenience, this is a good kit to have. I already own a buffer so it's not an issue for me that it doesn't include one, but it's a very handy kit to carry around as it includes an easy to pour bottle of acetone (which I will definitely be refilling because it's so convenient), and enough wraps for 5 manicure removals, whereas you only get 3 with the Elegant Touch Kit. However, you are paying a bit more, so I feel that in terms of price and content, the kits are actually very similar.

How to remove gels at home (please bear in mind that I am not a professional, this is just what I have learnt myself from actual professionals, and online):

Step 1: Buff the surface of the gel nail to remove the 'seal' of the gel.
Step 2: Soak the cotton bud part of your foil wrap in acetone, and wrap around the finger
Step 3: After 10-15 minutes remove the foil and gently scrape away the remnants of gel left on the fingers
Step 4: Buff the nail lightly to remove any imperfections

I hope that those of you who were previously afraid of removing gels feel a bit more positive about the idea of gel manicures after reading this. Especially as there are easy-to-use kits on the market to save you time and hassle.


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