Wednesday 19 November 2014

Nails at Fosse Park with Graffiti Nails

So a few weeks ago you might remember that I mentioned I was off to do nails at Fosse Park in Leicester with Graffiti Nails. Stupidly, I forgot to ever post pictures of the nails I did there, So I thought now would be a good time. I did a lot of nails that day, on big and small nails, and on a wide range of people. It was really fun to have some practice on people who weren't my friends for once. Don't forget, you can buy all these polishes on the Graffiti Nails website if you're in the UK, if not, you can buy my nail wraps here. I did the same designs quite a few times, so I've cut out a few pictures, the daisies design and the nude flowers design were both very popular so I've only included one of each instead of the 6 of each I did.

Nude daisies using Graffiti Nails - Very Nude, Ice White, Jet and Top Coat

An odd mix of glitter and geometric was requested. I used Graffiti Nails - Morning Mist, Cherry Red, Ice White and Jet, along with the Top Coat

Corner flowers using Very Nude, Cherry Red, Butterfly Pink, Ice White and a mixture of Mellow and Pistachio for the leaves, along with the Top Coat

 Mini geometric nails using Cherry Red, Jet and Ice White, along with the Top Coat

Flower pattern using Butterfly Pink, Ice White and Jet, along with the Top Coat

Daisies using Jet, Ice White, and Mellow, along with the Topcoat

Daisies on a base of Butterfly Pink along with Mellow, Ice White and Top Coat

What do you think? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. They all look great! I can't decide a favourite but the bees look adorable and the geometric on Pistachio are brilliant too!


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