Tuesday 21 June 2016

Scratch Star Awards 2016

Hey everyone! This post is slightly overdue as the Scratch Star Awards were actually more than two weeks ago, but I wanted to show you the nails I created for the event and a few photos from the evening. I didn't win the award (I was up for best nail blogger), but my wonderful friend Sammy of The Nailasaurus did and she certainly deserved it. Her blog was one of my original inspirations, so it's still a little weird to be friends with her! I also went to the event with Lucy of Lucy's Stash, and Lex of Talonted Lex. Once we got to the event we also met up with Natasha Lee and Ava of Nail Lacquer UK. It was a really lovely night, very different to the Cosmopolitan Blog Awards I've attended previously, but that's mainly because it was filled with nail professionals rather than other bloggers. 

I wanted to use the new Molten Metal collection* from Barry M for my nails and I knew my dress and shoes were both glittery and I wanted them to match. Technically I should have had silver nails but I saw this design by The Illustrated Nail (who I also met at the awards and she is so lovely) on Barry M's Instagram and I knew I had to recreate it. I also added some leaves to make the flowers stand out a bit more, and made mine slightly less abstract, but I loved how these turned out. 

Unfortunately my camera was being a complete pain with the above photo and it kept steaming up, I have absolutely no idea why as it's never done it before but it's made the image slightly blurry, the picture below is a more accurate representation of the colours.

For my nails I used Barry M - Gold Digger* as my base, then I used all of the Barry M - Lolly Gloss Collection for the flowers, which I did with the brushes from the bottle, and then I used OPI - I'm Sooo Swamped with the smaller brush from this* set from Winstonia for the leaves. Finished with a coat of Seche Vite

And here are a few pictures from the event, I didn't get very many but I'm sure you'll get the gist:

L-R: Sammy (The Nailasaurus), Lucy (Lucy's Stash), Me, Lex (Talonted Lex), Natasha (Nathasha Lee).

The awards were hosted at the Cafe de Paris in London, which was a very lovely venue but it definitely didn't have enough seats!

George Lamb hosted the event. I must admit I don't really know who he is, I know his dad was in Eastenders, but me and Lucy decided to get a photo with him anyway. 

And here's a picture of all our nails!



  1. woah your nails look amazing! So envious, I struggle to simply paint a colour on my nails! Lovely photographs too by the way!


  2. Awwww....love your nails!!! Love the color and design. Great choice indeed!

  3. Your nails are gorgeous and this looks like a simply fabulous event! Congrats for your nomination!! <3

  4. Love the nails and this sounds like it was so much fun! You looked fab as did all the other ladies - it's so good putting a face to the nails; especially 'cause it's such rare appearances :)

  5. This mani is so excellent! And you are so gorgeous! Looks like you had a total blast :)

  6. The event looks like so much fun! Love your nails, the idea to use a metallic backdrop is genius!

  7. Beautiful design on your nails! <3


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