Saturday 4 June 2016

Gelish Glitter Geometric

Hey everyone! I decided to take a few days break from blogging, after my awful weekend last week I really just wanted some down time and to spend a bit of quality time with my boyfriend. There's always something to do when you're a blogger, and it can start to weigh you down sometimes. I'd never give it up but sometimes I need to step away for a few days, even if I feel guilty about it. But now I've had a few days break I'm feeling refreshed and ready to write a new post. Tomorrow I'm off to the Scratch Star Awards where I'm nominated for Best Nail Blogger. I'm nominated against Sammy and Lucie so I stand no chance but I'm excited to see them both and other blogging friends and have a good time. 

Today's nails are created using the products of one of the sponsors of the scratch awards: Nail Harmony UK, the UK base for Gelish. Although, these aren't the nails I'm wearing to the Scratch Awards, I'll post those when I post about the event.  I've made no secret of the fact I love Gelish, and they've released so many amazing polishes recently so I've had lots of additions to my collection. The base for this nail art is one of those recent additions: Primrose and Proper*, from the Botanical Awakenings collection and it is a lovely subtle shade which works so well for this design, which was again inspired by Sophie of Nancy Loves Nails. I know it's very similar to this design I did a few weeks ago but I really wanted to retry the design with a gel white rather than a nail polish white, and I decided to add a bit of extra glitter too.  

I used Primrose and Proper* for my base, then I used Gelish - Last Call for the glitter (tips were done with the brush from the bottle and the triangle was done with a nail art brush) and Gelish - Arctic Freeze* also for the tips using the brush from the bottle. Finished with a coat of Gelish - Top It Off

I showed my friend these pictures and she liked the design so much she asked for it on her nails too. 

What do you think? Let me know in the comments! 


  1. Love this design & the colours are gorgeous. Good luck tomorrow, have loads of fun and j can't wait to read about it.
    Vicky xx

  2. Lovely combination of color and amazing design as well. I find it unique and classy. Love it!!!

  3. I love how it's neutral but still very festive, gorgeous combination of finishes and colors!

  4. Do you freehand your triangles and lines? If i ever try to use tape it never gives me a clean line so end up freehand each time!

  5. I love that last image, how all those different elements in the nail work so well together ;) actresshotimages


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