Tuesday 15 October 2013

Tutorial Tuesday: Pink Tribal

Hey everyone! You may remember these nails I did as a guest post for The Nailasaurus, and today I'm going to be showing you a tutorial for them! For these nails I used a base of Models Own - Strawberry Tart and then the gradient was done using Barry M - Passionfruit, the black glitter is Nubar Black Polka Dot and the black detailing is done using a black Barry M Nail Art Pen

You will need:
Top coat
Nail polish remover/acetone
Light pink polish
Dark pink polish
Black nail art pen/acrylic paint and brush
Black glitter topper

Step 1: Paint your nails pink
Step 2: Using a sponge create a gradient (see my previous Palm Trees tutorial) using Models Own - Strawberry Tart and Barry M - Passionfruit
Step 3: Add a topcoat to smooth out your design, I use Seche Vite
Step 4: Using a black Barry M Nail Art Pen create a tribal design. This may look complicated but you can make it up as you go along. I drew some triangles and some squares and added a few dots, it doesn’t need to be perfect and the nail art pen makes it a lot easier
Step 5: Apply a black glitter to your other fingers
Step 6: Finish off with a topcoat to seal in your design and you’re done!

What do you think? Let me know in the comments!


  1. Awesome tutorial! These look great.

  2. These look beautiful -- I love the pink gradient as the base! Great tutorial :D

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