Thursday 16 May 2019

Gelish - Rocketman Collection review and swatches

Sir Teal To You* is a teal shimmer, this was four easy coats. The first coat shrank slightly but it applied fine after that. Slight VNL (visible nail line) at three coats so I did a fourth. 

Just Me and My Piano* is a bright purple, it looks a bit darker on camera than in reality, it's a bit more neon-like, although not quite as bright as the bottle suggests. This was four coats, I could have done three but it was slightly patchy on a couple of nails. 

Put On Your Dancing Shoes* is a bright red. This is a very vivid shade, with a jelly-like consistency. This was three coats but I really could have stuck with two, there was no difference between them. I could see a slight VNL but this didn't disappear with coat three. It's worth noting that because of the more runny consistency of this polish it was slightly harder to apply because it ran into my cuticles a bit. 

It's The Shades* is a darker pink, it's a bit brighter in person than on camera, my camera just wasn't a fan of the brightness, and it's a great summer shade. This was three easy coats, I did have a slight VNL but it still looked opaque. It has more of a jelly-like consistency. 

Glow Like A Star* is a gorgeous lemon yellow. This was three coats, although I could have possibly have got away with two. It's a lovely bright colour with a creme consistency. 

Ask anyone who knows me and they'll tell you yellow is my favourite colour, I have so many yellow clothes/house items etc. that I've lost count, so when I saw there was a yellow in the collection I'm not ashamed to admit I screamed.  This is definitely my favourite of the collection, and I'll be wearing it on my toes all summer (so my mum can tell me I look 'ill' for the next few months). 

Tickle My Keys* is a bright barbie pink. This was three coats because my nails are a bit uneven at the moment but you could definitely do two. A perfect bright pink, great for summer, with a creme consistency. 

And last but not least is the glitter topper of the collection (although I'm sure if you built it up a few coats you could wear it by itself): Bedazzle Me*. This was one easy coat with no placement needed, it's got really great coverage. Shown over Tickle My Keys*. 

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