Sunday 8 April 2012

Easter nails

Hey everyone!
I've been so busy today that I just havn't had a chance to post these, which means easter is going to be pretty much over by the time this post is complete (but at least I still have loads of chocolate, yay!)
Anyway, I decided to go against/with the usual formula of a cute little bunny and some easter eggs by drawing Miffy instead (aka 'the cute little bunny', so my plan didn't go too well). This was my first time using acrylic paints on my nails (the outline of Miffy) and I'm quite happy with how it turned out, especially as I did it quickly and whilst talking to my sister! Anyway, enjoy:

Models own - 'True Blue'
Barry M - Matte white
Acrylic paint

Index finger:
Models Own - 'Jade Stone' as base
Unnamed pink polish as stripes
Barry M - Matte white

Middle finger:
GOSH - special edition lilac as base
Models Own - 'Jade stone'
Barry M - Matte white

Ring finger:
Barry M - light yellow (will update when I can find the bottle)
GOSH - special edition lilac
Barry M - Matte white

Little finger:
Models Own - 'True Blue'
Unnamed pink polish
Barry M - Matte white

(aka a lot of polishes!)
Alice :)


  1. so beautiful *-*

    Kisses ;*

  2. these are really cute! I liked how you incorporated miffy into it, Miffy's so underrated compared to Hello Kitty!
    I've given you the Liebster Blog award for your blog (been a long time follower from Tumblr) too :) there's some quick rules to follow :P

    1.Put the link to who gave you the award
    2. Put the award in your post
    3. Choose 5 blogs with under 200 followers and give them the award
    4. Let them know that you have awarded them

    1. Thanks so much! I will definitely do this, thanks again :D p.s i know what you mean about miffy, I actually prefer her to hello kitty any day!

  3. all nail look great, i will design for mynail design ideas


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