Tuesday 17 July 2012

Day 7: Black and White

Hello! Today's challenge was black and white and I wanted to be as original as possible, as I've tried to be throughout (though I've sometimes failed *cough* looking at you generic flowers *cough*). I really really couldn't think of anything, so I googled 'black and white'. Maybe if I wasn't English and we actually had these here I'd have thought of it sooner, but I decided to do.. skunk nails! I've never seen a skunk (the English thing like I said) nor smelt one, gladly, but I'm guessing they're not as cute as these. I should have probably done some more research because APPARENTLY skunks have hair. Oh well. I chose a cute skunk clip art picture and based my design around that. I kind of gave up looking at the image half way through as well so they don't look identical, but I hope you like them!

The skunk is all acrylic paint and the white is Barry M - Matt White, topped off with a coat of seche vite



  1. He is sooo cute!! Very Original!!

  2. Thankyou :D and I just used 2 coats, I think I used 3 on my pointer finger though because I applied it badly :P


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