Sunday 8 July 2012

Day 3: Yellow Nails

Hey everyone! It's so late! I need to go to sleep but I forgot to post this earlier so I must do it now. We'll just pretend it's still Sunday in the UK... Anyway, these nails are super duper boring but they're something I've been wanting to try for a while. I dont actually know what it's called, Candice over at MrCandiipants called it rimming and I find that hilarious so we'll stick with that. ;) Unfortunately yellow doesn't give much as a colour scheme so this mani is super dull, also I was totally lacking in yellowspiration. THIS IS SUCH A NEGATIVE POST. I'm going to go to bed, enjoy the nails, goodnight (it's 1am)

I used Barry M white and yellow

Have a bonus picture of my Barry M prize! Some positivity at last :D thankyou all for voting, I came second in the end and won all this:


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  1. nice border nails! i'm so jealous of your new barry m collection, i wish we carried them in the US!


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