Monday 1 October 2012

Waves nail set

Hey everyone! Sorry for my lack of posts recently, its partly as a result of not being able to take pictures because the lighting is terrible (any tips on building a lightbox would be greatly appreciated, I dont really know what bulb to get etc) and because I have SO MUCH work, I totally underestimated how much I would have! So I'm sorry this is kind of a 'lazy' post, if I get enough work done tomorrow I should have another design up either then or Wednesday and that promised tutorial should emerge sometime next week! Now, onto the nails:
You may remember that I posted these nails during my 31 day challenge the other week. I really enjoyed doing them and liked the result and I was recently asked on my Facebook page if I would be willing to do a set of them, so I have and here you go, these are also available on my Etsy :)



  1. Chalkboard nails did a tut on making your own lightbox from a cardboard box. Here's the link in case it'll be any good for you =]

  2. I did a tutorial over at my blog
    I hope that brings you to it :) in the comments I talk about what light I use and which lightbulbs you should get :) I hope this helps! My lightbox made a huge improvement on my pictures!

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