Thursday 18 October 2012

Collection 2000 'Twilight' review and nail art

Hey everyone! So unless you didn't get my hint the other day and you didn't see my tumblr post yesterday then you should know that today I'm reviewing Collection 2000's Hot Looks "Twilight" collection. All pictures are taken in natural light. Hope you like it, pictures after the jump! 

First up we have 'Shadow' which is a reddish/brownish/blackish colour (can you tell I dont know how to describe it?) Though I would say that in person you could quite easily pass it off as black. I've been wearing it on my nails all week and you just can't tell the difference. So if you're running low on black and you want a good alternative then this is the polish for you! This was two coats with no top coat

Next is 'Dusk' a lovely teal. One bonus to this polish was definitely that it didn't stain like most teals. This was two coats with no top coat

'Hidden' is definitely my favourite polish of the whole collection. I already have some awesome nail art planned with it that I unfortunately didn't have enough time to do this weekend but this polish is perfect for it. This was two coats with no top coat

'Twilight' is a lovely dark purple. It was very opaque and I may have got away with just one coat but I used two just in case. This is also without top coat

Lastly is 'Midnight' which is a dark blue. Unfortunately, this is my least favourite polish of the bunch, which it had the promise to be opaque in two coats it spread unevenly upon drying. I kept with two coats for consistency but it could have done with a third, in which case it would have probably been a lovely navy blue. This is also without top coat

Overall, the polishes are consistent and the only one that I had any vague problems with was 'Midnight'. They also all dried incredibly fast, just like the bottle says. Of course though, I couldn't review nail varnish without seeing how it works for nail art!

Firstly I used 'Shadow' as a base colour to these nails to show that it really does pass off as black. These are inspired by acid wash nails but I actually just took it off by dabbing with my finger over one coat of white.

Just a quick flower post with 'Hidden' because I didn't want to hide the colour too much! For this I used 'Dusk' for the flowers which I painted on using a small paintbrush

I also used 'Twilight' to create halloween look quickly, the black is a generic striper and the grey is Collection 2000's Angel Wings

Finally, the nails you saw the other day, spun sugar nails! There are plenty of tutorials out there for this, Tis Ems has a good one and that's the one I used. This was created using 'Midnight' and 'Hidden'

All of these polishes are available in Boots and Superdrug for around £1.99
Let me know in the comments what do you think about this collection, will you be buying it? 


These products were provided to me by Collection PR for an honest and truthful review, my opinions were in no way influenced. 


  1. Im sad Midnight had the worst formula, I like it's color the best!

    1. I think with 3 coats it would be a really nice colour, it didn't show up loads in person with the blotches, they're more obvious on the photos :)

  2. Hidden is my fave too, it reminds me of a true jade green, not too grassy or blue, just very calming!

    J x

  3. beautiful colours, all of them!!

  4. I bought Hidden today, it!
    Gonna do a kind of Camo pattern with it.
    Will be trying out Shadow and Dusk too....they look great on your Nails!


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