Wednesday 20 January 2016

Soigne Winter 2015 Collection Swatches and Review

Hey everyone! Day three of review week and I've reviewing the Soigne Winter Collection. These are unfortunately all sold out on their website, showing how popular they have been. Soigne were a brand I hadn't really heard of before this, but they are a French luxury brand who create 5-free polishes. So when I was contacted by Soigne asking me to review their winter collection, I jumped at the chance to try such a luxury brand.  I was really impressed with these as I reviewed them, although they do have a hefty price tag on them (£11 each), which may put some people off. Yet, the quality does show, so it's more of a matter of whether you can afford them rather than if they're worth it.

Séduisant* is a gorgeous deep red. This was two easy coats, although I suspect that for those of you with a visible nail line you may need three, but my short nails can get away with just the two. This polish actually had a slight shimmer to it that wasn't visible in the bottle, or in the photos unfortunately. Shown without topcoat as it dried fast and shiny.

Mystérieuse* is an unusual dark green polish. This was just one easy coat which is very impressive. Shown without topcoat as it dried fast and shiny

And finally is Cherir* a gorgeous pearlescent shade. You've seen this shade before as I used it in my santa hat design. This was two easy coats without topcoat

What do you think? Have you tried any Soigne polishes before? 
Let me know in the comments!


  1. Those all look lovely but I love the last one most!

  2. I'm not into delicate and ladylike shede but I confess that Cherir is the one I like the most from this post. I think, from these pics, it's the most interesting and probably it's flawless... at least it looks so!

  3. Never heard of that brand either, but the packaging looks very classy and I really like the red and the green shade :)

  4. These are beautiful. It's always nice to have a luxurious, high-end polish to reach for :)

  5. They are very pretty. I came across this brand several times at trade shows and I love their styling and imagery. Lovely swatches and review, Alice x

  6. I've not tried this brand yet but it does look so luxurious. I love those bottles! These colours aren't totally my style but your swatches are gorgeous as always!

  7. These shades don't really speak to me, but the bottles look so pretty!

  8. These are all really pretty. They look like excellent holiday polishes!


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