Saturday 10 August 2013

Different but the same

Hi everyone! I'm sorry it's been a while since I posted, I tried to post this last night but the internet just would not work and I was super tired so I decided to call it a night. Last week I received an amazing bundle of Born Pretty Store goodies in the post, which some of you may have seen on Instagram. As soon as I opened the parcel I just couldn’t wait to use them, so I decided to try out a variety of looks on the rose nails I had on at the time. I thought it would be a nice change to show you one look but a few different ways to accessorise it. So I hope you like it!

First up is the look alone. For these nails I used 2 True ‘Taylor’* (dark pink) and 2 True ‘Sienna’* (light pink). Which I should have a full review of coming in the next week or so. I also have a tutorial for these nails coming up soon too so keep an eye out for that.

Next up is using these* gorgeous green studs. I can predict that all these gorgeously coloured studs will be used regularly because I’m absolutely in love with them!

The second look is just adding to the previous look. I didn’t want to take off the studs straight away so I decided to add these* gorgeous flowers. They’re not exactly practical but they definitely look great!

The final look is using these* rose studs, if you can call them studs. I was pleasantly surprised to find these (and the previous flowers) were rubbery rather than hard, which certainly makes them more practical as they don’t painfully rub on your skin or catch on things quite as much as they would if they were hard.

There you go! What do you think? Let me know in the comments

*some of the products in this post were provided to me for review but all opinions are entirely my own


  1. These are adorable, glowing with perfection! Xx

    H @ Higher&Haya

  2. They look lovely, but wouldn't they come off easily? Or get caught on things? They don't look all that practical... Not that I have any experience. I've never wore studs and have never entertained the idea of anything as big as those flowers because I'm afraid they would be really annoying. Are they?


  3. Ooooh I really want some studs now - the little pink roses are so cute. Also, your polkadots are perfect. Like REALLY, ridiculously perfect! x

  4. this looks perfect, I love it! xx

    Martyna | NEON MIZZLE

  5. WOW! The studs are fab, but the flowers... I love them, however impractical they may be ;)

  6. Really cute!! Love those flower studs, especially the rose ones :)

  7. Hey,
    this looks so lovely! :)

  8. These have to be one of my favourites to date! Love these!! :)


  9. Your art is so perfect, seriously, everything you do looks like a nail wrap, it's flawless! I love the flowers, they're completely impractical for me but they're so pretty!

  10. The polka dots and roses look great together! :)

  11. Very pretty but I do prefere it without the big roses on.

  12. this is beautiful, but when i saw it with the 3D flowers, it literally took my breath away

  13. Espectacular, es una manicura preciosa


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