Sunday 14 September 2014

Review Week, Day 6: Nails Inc Festival Collection

Hey everyone! Two posts down, one to go. I'm feeling a bit more productive now, even if it is nearly 2am and I still have a tutorial to do and edit before I go to sleep... Anyway! No more complaining, someone slap me if I complain again, I love this blog and I'm just very tired and moany this week, ignore me! This next post for Day 6 is the Nails inc. Festival collection, which consists of two glitters and two creme nail polishes. I'm a bit late to the party with these, especially as festival season is over now, but that doesn't take away from how fun and great these polishes are, and I couldn't resist still showing you them.

Glastonbury* is a gorgeous multicoloured glitter. This was 1 coat over Hyde Park. I definitely think the polish suits the name! This is a more textured glitter so you will need a topcoat to smooth it out, but I've shown it without topcoat here. You can also see that it varies in opacity, compare my pointer finger and middle finger for example, but I think that just adds to it more than anything else.

Sloane Street* is a brilliant shocking pink. I don't really understand what the name has to do with festivals, as far as I know it isn't related to any (correct me in the comments if you know!). This was 2 easy coats. As you can see it dried almost matte, which as you know is always my favourite finish!

Hyde Park* is a lovely off-red colour. I say off-red because it's not 100% a letterbox red, and I like that! This was 2 easy coats, and it was really easy to apply. It also dried really fast. Shown without topcoat.

And finally is Isle of Wight*. I absolutely LOVE this polish. I think it's mad and fun and definitely reflects the Isle of Wight festival. This was 1 coat over Sloane Street. No placement needed because this polish is super opaque. I do think though that this is an exact dupe for Nicole by OPI - Shaved Nice, see my review here, and I'm not really sure which came first!

I really love this collection, I think the only thing that it's missing is mud! 

Nails Inc polishes retail for £11 each but you can buy the whole collection for £25 here
What do you think? Let me know in the comments!


  1. so cute :3 pink nail polish is the bae xD xox

  2. Whoa! Isle of Wight looks EXACTLY like Shaved Nice by NOPI.


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