Wednesday 26 September 2012

Zooey Deschanel Emmy Nails Tutorial

Hi everyone, I did this tutorial on the request of but wanted to post this here, so I hope you enjoy it, tutorial after the jump! (Also, I'm sorry about the quality of some of the photos, my camera is playing up and this was the second time I did these nails because the first time I didn't get any decent pictures)

Step 1: Paint your nails with a peach coloured base coat.

Step 2: Apply glitter lightly with a makeup sponge

Step 3: Apply a slow drying topcoat and, whilst it is still tacky, place rhinestones of different sizes on your nail using a dotting tool or toothpick. You can also add a star like Zooey had if you wish

Step 4: For the TV draw a rectangle with rounded corners using a small brush and black acrylic paint. With the same brush draw the stand and aerial. 

Step 5: Using white nail varnish or acrylic paint, and the same brush from the previous step, paint on the screen once the black has dried. 

Step 6: Mix gold and silver nail varnish together and apply it to the white screen using the brush from previous steps. 

Step 7: Apply a fast drying topcoat to all nails to seal in your design and protect the rhinestones. I used Seche Vite but any fast drying topcoat will do.

I hope you managed to follow these steps and look forwards to seeing you try them! You can show me them by tweeting me @onenailtorule or if you’re on Tumblr I track the tag ‘onenailtorulethemall’

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial! Alice 


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