Tuesday 18 September 2012

Pink Gradients Take 2

Hi everyone, sorry it's been a bit quiet around here for a few days, I've just moved away to uni and I'm feeling pretty low at the moment. I've not done my nails and I dont want to either. This is a design I did a few weeks ago in preparation for such a thing, and some of you may have seen this on my instagram before I added the studs. I'm trying to improve my gradient-ing skills because they're never very ombre and I dont think these are much better, though I liked them a lot more once I added the studs, hope you all like them too!



  1. I love these colors and the addition of the studs is perfect. I hope you start feeling happier soon! Leaving home is really hard and being sad really sucks. Don't force yourself to do stuff (like paint your nails) until you can enjoy it again... otherwise it will just make you grouchier. That's how I am, anyway.

  2. I agree with Whitney - sometimes it helps to power through a low, but I find that forcing yourself to do something might make you view that thing in a negative light later on.

    We'll be here when you get back :) .

  3. This is so gorgeous! The last time I tried gradient nails I did suuch a bad job! I'm glad I didn't have to leave home to go to uni, such big changes can be so overwhelming

  4. Hello, I'm from Paris and I love this nail art so I just wanna know if you can tell me the nail polish that you have use to do this. I really love your job, have you already think about doing a youtube channel ?

  5. Awww Alice! Sorry you were feeling so down after your move. hehe yea I'm trolling blogs on my lunch and couldn't resist clicking on your pic when i saw it :D -aka workinggirlnails


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