Wednesday 1 May 2013

Clinique - A Different Nail Enamel For Sensitive Skin Review

Hey everyone! Today I have some exciting new nail products to show you, by Clinique! A lot of you will be surprised to hear that this isn't their first try at nail polish, but it's looking to be the most successful. They will be releasing 12 permanent shades and 9 limited edition shades to start off with. I'm very excited about these new polishes and I would definitely recommend them. As always, all pictures will be after the jump

First up is 'Call My Buff'* which is to be part of the permanent collection, this is a very watery cream and it took me 4 coats to build up, which I would normally hate, but the overall effect after was so elegant that I couldn't help but love it and I will definitely be using this more!

I should have some nail art coming up in the next few days including this shade so keep an eye out!

Next up is 'Hula Skirt'* which is to be part of the limited range, and I would definitely recommend getting your hands on it if you can because this is such a wonderful formula, if greens are your colour then you certainly need this one! This was 2 (very) easy coats 

Look how lovely it is! It's definitely a shade unique to my collection (although, dont we all say that?)

Next is 'Red Red Red'* which is just your run of the mill red except slightly darker, and ONE COAT. It's quite jelly-like but yep, this is a one coater. I love it!

Finally is 'Strappy Sandals'* which I was expecting to be like every other silver I own, but it isn't, because it SPARKLES. I love it, it's so glittery and I think you might be seeing it in some nail art soon, if I decide to post the design! This was 2 coats but you could probably get away with one.

Overall, I'm really really impressed with the quality of these polishes, you can certainly tell that there has been a lot of effort put into making these, which there has as they've been specially designed for sensitive skin. I absolutely love these and if you do too then you can pick them up for £12 at Clinique counters or here on their website.

What do you think? Let me know in the comments!

*These products were provided to me for review, all opinions are entirely my own and were not influenced by anything or anyone


  1. Very interesting. I have sensitive skin, but I never thought that a company would make a polish for my type of skin! I wonder what the different is? I look forward to seeing your nail art with it!

    P.S. I've been reading your blog regularly for months, and finally got around to commenting, ha!

  2. I'm quite surprised by the price point for these, considering other premium brands charge £20+ sometimes for polish. I might just take myself off to the local counter and check these out :-)

  3. I like these, but as far as sensitive skin goes, I'd have thought the polish remover was more the issue?!

    1. I completely agree! Companies need to manufacture more nourishing polish remover.

  4. There are so cute☺


  5. I really like Call My Buff, it's a lovely colour. I am surprised that these are only £12, I expected a brand like clinique to charge much more for these.

  6. I have tried two of these and can tell you that they really ARE for sensitive skin and eyes. Every other nail enamel I've EVER used, even those that claim to be hypo-allergenic, make my eyes swell and water and itch, the skin around my eyes turn red, and I have constant headaches. That's just how severe my allergy is to hidden fragrances. But I have absolutely NO allergic reaction to Clinique's new line, and I can wear them two weeks without chipping or peeling. So happy about these!

  7. Beautiful polishes - love the green. And how am I just finding your bog? It's great and I love your nails and swatches. Perfect!

  8. I used to have a Clinique that I loved, it was called Fuschia Kisses and I just recently tossed it because it was thick beyond repair. So fun to see they're doing polishes again :) Wonderful that they're so good for gals with sensitivities. Lovely swatches :)

    Also, what Essie said... and of course the LOTR reference ♥♥♥

  9. Oooh Strappy Sandals is calling to me. No polishes until payday! :D Love you blog, just discovered it along with Essie.


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