Thursday 29 August 2013

Rococo Nail Varnish Swatches and Review

Hey everyone! Once again I'm behind on blogging, I've had this waiting to post for days now and I just haven't got around to finishing it, so today I'm going to be posting twice! First post of today is a review of some wonderful Rococo creme polishes. I'd never tried Rococo before this and I'm really impressed. The colours I received were not only gorgeous but amazing quality, and definitely worth getting if you haven't already. Full review will be after the jump

First up is Smitten* which is a gorgeous blue, this was just one coat, look how opaque it is! This picture is without topcoat and it still looks amazing. I wore this colour for 3 days and there was no noticeable wear. 

I'd like to apologise about how blurry these photos turned out, hopefully you can still see how gorgeous this colour is though!

Next up is Hip Hop*, a gorgeous bright pink. This was 2 coats without topcoat, and as you can see it's still incredibly shiny. 

Last and most certainly not least is Flower Child. I've seen a lot of yellows in collections this year, so I guess it must be an in thing. I absolutely love this shade and I have some nail art coming up using it sooner or later. This was 3 coats without topcoat, but I could probably have got away with 2

Overall I'm seriously impressed with these polishes, not only are they super easy to apply, with no drag whatsoever, they're also an amazing formula. If you can afford the £12 price tag I would definitely recommend them, you can get them here

What do you think? Let me know in the comments!

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*some of the products in this post were provided to me for review but all opinions are entirely my own


  1. Amazing Amazing swatches. I think you have the best swatches of the 500 blogs I read!!

  2. I don't normally go for yellow but that one is lovely!

    Its beautiful.

    Kelly ||
    Kelly ||

  4. did you have to use white undies on any of these? (it looks like maybe you did on the yellow, but my eyes are probably playing tricks on me lol.) but before i spend $15/polish -- b/c i must have these, obviously! -- i want to know what i'm getting into. thanks for your awesome swatches!

    1. nope, these are all completely on their own, I'll always mention if I put white underneath because I dont want to cheat my readers! But I'm very glad you like my swatches :D I've updated the post now as well, I realised I didn't write the number of coats for the yellow so I'm sorry about that!

  5. I would happily wear all three of these colours! They are so nice!


  6. All very nice, especially that Smitten, its to die for :-)

  7. omg! pretty!

  8. I adore sugary sweet shades, and the fact these are so opaque makes them even better!

  9. These colors are gorgeous! I've never tried Rococo but I might need to now...


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