Monday 5 August 2013

Tutorial: Red Gradient Palm Trees

Hey everyone! So, currently I have 10 tutorials lying in my 'things still to post' folder on my computer that I did for, because I can't choose which one to post first! Today I decided to just take the plunge with my palm trees design, after asking on Instagram which to start with. A tutorial was highly requested in my original post, so I hope I've made it clear enough. I previously hated tutorials due to the time they took to perfect in photographing and in editing, but since I decided that I didn't have to do a full hand for each step it's now a lot easier to photograph and to edit. So let me know if there are any tutorials you'd like to see specifically. Anyway, the tutorial will be after the jump!

You will need:
  • Clinique 70 Degrees and Sunny (or a yellow nail varnish)
  • Barry M – Passion Fruit (or a red nail varnish)
  • Make up sponge
  • Barry M – Black nail art penor another nail art pen
  • Seche Vite (or a fast-drying top coat)

Step 1: Paint your nails with a base of yellow

 Step 2: Paint both colours overlapping on to a piece of paper. Push your sponge in, and then dab that on to your nail. Once done, clean up around your nail with acetone and cotton buds, and apply a fast-drying topcoat like Seche Vite to smooth out your design

  Step 3: Using the black Barry M nail art pen, draw around the base of your nail like this

 Step 4: Draw the outline of where you want your tree to be, again using the pen

 Step 5: Draw on the leaves coming out from branches, again using the Barry M black nail art pen

 Step 6: Finish off with a topcoat to seal in your design. You can also add a matte topcoat afterwards if you'd like to make it more like my original design.

What do you think? Let me know in the comments!


  1. I love this tutorial! Perfect for the summer! xx

    Martyna | NEON MIZZLE

  2. This is amazing! Crazy the skills you have! Wish i was as good as you!


  3. I think your step numbers are off. I was totally thrown for a loop! x) Great post and great tutorial. Had you not said anything, I wouldn't have ever known that you didn't do your whole hand! <3

  4. Thanks! I did it! Here's a pic of my nails

  5. Gorgeous tutorial! Loving the palm tree silhouette!

  6. I used to think the same thing: tutorials are just too hard to make! It's like you either prepare one as you're making your mani, just in case, or you have to redo your design a second time. Using just a couple nails does help, though, and I think it'd be even better if you did the one nail tutorial scheme ;)
    As for this particular tutorial, it's super, just like most things you do! Gorgeous design, cool outcome and neat tutorial! :D Thank you!! **

  7. i love this!! great tutorial :)

  8. Hi there! This is such a great tutorial! I've recreated the design, maybe you'll stop by and tell me what you think? ^^

  9. Am I the only person finding this impossible? I've tried about 10 times. Does the sponge need to be a specific thing or am I just an absolute idiot?


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