Sunday 29 July 2012

Day 16: Tribal Nails (Part 2)

I really didn't want to take these nails off, so I did what I originally intended to do with them (but forgot to do like a doofus) and mattified them! I love mattified nails as I've said before, not only do they make taking pictures a billion times easier but they also look so cool! I hope you like them as much as I do :) (Part 1 here)

I used Rimmel's Matte Top Coat in addition to yesterday's colours


P.S. Do I get some kind of woman/blogger points for actually managing to post this before midnight (shock horror)?


  1. I think I even prefer this manicure mattified! It is much easier to see that way hehe

  2. I'm a fan of matte too!! Crap, why did you post this?! now I wish we're living near so I can pop by for a special request to do the same on my nails too!! Oh, which matte polish did you use btw? I used Inglot's but its been bubbling lately, also there's this random white chalky spots/flakes that seems to get on my nails too when I apply my Matte topcoat.

    I tried looking for Essence's, too bad I heard from the sales lady its discontinued.. :(

    1. I'm sure the plane wouldnt be too much ;) hahaha, and I use Rimmel Matte Topcoat, I'll edit that in now :) you could also try looking for essie's 'matte about you' or GOSH's matte one? I dont really know of any more

    2. hmm, rimmel's sounds possible. Essie and GOSH aren't available in Malaysia. (there are too many unavailable brands) Essence was perfect (argh, I should have gotten one the other time I saw it *regrets*) It was at a really affordable price too! I didn't know about Essence's before I purchased the Inglot's one. But Inglot's was fine until recently... :(

    3. Well if you can't get hold of the Rimmel one, then try eBay, or just buy a new bottle of inglots it may just be because you've had it for quite a while?

  3. I love matt polish too. This is amazing with it :)

  4. I love how complex this is, and matte just makes everything better :P


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