Saturday 28 July 2012

Day 16: Tribal Print

I love doing tribal print. Somebody asked me to do a tribal nail set for them a while ago which forced me out of the 'I won't be able to do tribal print and I'll feel like a failure so I'm not going to try' mindset and made me do them, and they're great because my OCD can fade away and I dont have to be precise, I can just splodge whatever the hell I want on there and hope for the best. However, I did get a bit carried away on the detail today, I can never be simple can I? I hope you like them :)

I used toooooo many colours to list but the black and white is acrylic paint :)



  1. Holy crap girl! That's amazing. I love it soooo much

  2. Amazing details! One of the best tribal nail art I've ever seen! Great job!!

  3. Gorgeous! Not too much at all, the detail is fantastic, amazing job! :)

  4. Seriously intricate! Amazingly talented :D

  5. WOW, this is amazing! fantastic. love your blog's title by the way. i'm a huge lotr fan :p


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