Wednesday 1 August 2012

Day 18: Half Moons

Hey everyone! Sorry for not posting yesterday, I do have a genuine reason though, I was revising for my driving theory test which was today (I passed, yay!). So here you go, a day late and kind of boring half moon nails. I'm also going to be doing Day 20 water marbling tomorrow and Day 19 galaxies on friday for reasons I will explain tomorrow, you'll still get both but not in the right order. :D Anyway, hope you like today's nails :)



  1. these are so pretty and sophisticated! they look like little pearl necklaces and i love it.

    1. I was thinking that when I did them, and I considered making a neck etc to make them a necklace but I actually quite like them like this, sometimes simple is better :) thankyou :D

  2. love this! so simple and elegant

  3. I now like the concept of half moon mani's. :D

  4. They ARE like little pearl necklaces! so cute!

  5. Do you remember this polish?


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