Saturday 1 September 2012

Fixed it?

So for those you follow me on instagram (@onenailtorulethemall) you'll have seen the nails I posted a few days ago in pure desperation to just do my nails whilst I was away. I didn't take any nail varnish with me but managed to pick up two Nails Inc. nail varnishes for £2 at a car boot (whut), a light pink and a purple.

Whilst there, I decided to do my nails with no tools and no clean up and although they weren't that bad they needed more to them, so as soon as I got home I got out a paintbrush and some black and outlined all the flowers, and I love them so much more now! I hope you do too :)



  1. In case I haven't told you: when I saw your manis I got instantly hooked on your blog :) !

  2. Pretty! I guess the addiction is speaking. I feel with you xD

  3. Absolutely beautiful, reminds me of a dress I had when I was a little girl xxx

  4. So cute! I love these colors together. These remind me of Marimekko flowers!


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