Wednesday 31 October 2012


Happy halloween everyone! I just have a quick pumpkin design today, I'm sorry that there aren't any more pictures of this, I originally intended for it to be a tutorial for a website but it didn't work out, so I only got pictures of my hand in the 'claw' I'm afraid.

I used Barry M - Block Orange and then mixed it with Barry M - Matt White for the highlights. Which I also used for the base colour. And the green is O.P.I but I left it at home so I can't tell you which, oops!

To create this design I painted my nails a solid based of white (2 coats) and then used the brush from the orange to create the pumpkin shape. Then I used a small brush for the highlights and stems (if that what they're called?!)

There's not much more to say about this because it's such a simple design but I hope you like it! I should have a great post coming up for you tomorrow hopefully though, see you then!



  1. really love it, makes a change from all the stamped ones!!

  2. the stems remind me of opi 'jade is the new black,' is that right? really nice job as always! :)


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