Tuesday 4 December 2012

AQmore water-based polish nail art and review

Hello everyone! Today I have a wonderful polish review for you today sent to me by the lovely Uniqso, a water-based polish by 'AQmore', this means that rather than being solvent based it is made of 50% water, and is 3-free as a result. It is also peel-able in warm water. When I first read that I was worried about taking a bath but it appears you must peel it off yourself rather than it doing it automatically. I shall explain more about that later in the post!

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I chose to review the shade 'Alice' for obvious reasons, which you can find here. The pictures above are 3 thin coats, which is to be expected with the amount of water contained in the product. I would also like to mention that it doesn't smell like nail varnish, it had a more perfume-like smell which is a lot easier to handle, even if you're used to the smell of nail polish like me!

The polish comes in what can only be described as a striper-like bottle. I also received a top coat with 'Alice' which you can buy separately on the website here, and I would say is necessary to even out the nail varnish, all the pictures include the top coat. The brushes are a good size, not too wide not too thin so it's easy to control.

When I read that these were peel-able I wondered whether this would still be true with glitter polish, we all know what a pain it is to remove and I don't particularly wear it because of this. So I decided to create a christmassy design to try this out. On my thumb and pinkie finger I just painted one coat of W7's 'Gold Dazzle' without top coat, and then on my other fingers I did the same, with red acrylic paint and one coat of Seche Vite.

I have no pictures of how my nails looked after I removed the polish because my nails are so yellow! But the thumb and pinkie came off as easily as is described on the website, even with the glitter on top, which was definitely a good result. The other 3 fingers did not peel off in one go but still removed pretty easily, they just took slightly longer than the non-top coated fingers. Although, if you were to use the top coat by AQmore then it would probably be as easy as the others. There was very slight damage to a couple of my nails but nothing that a slight buff did not fix, and that was only because I was rushing to get it off because I was on the phone! 

I would definitely recommend this polish, even as just a base coat to glitter, and will definitely be purchasing other colours! If you would like to purchase this polish or any of their other colours you can use my code ONTRTA13 for a 10% discount on their website here. Their speed of delivery is also amazing considering it was sent from Taiwan to England, they estimate 3-5 days for delivery and that was indeed all it took!

What do you think? Let me know in the comments! 

This product was sent to me for review but any opinions included are entirely my own and were not affected in any way by anyone else


  1. A water based polish is certainly something different.. it sounds really interesting and I'm itching to try one haha. Especially with the scent factor, it sounds fab to me!

    I really like the nail art you did too, it looks really easy to do but is soo pretty ^^

  2. A water based polish sounds like a really good concept! x

  3. Wow, interesting! Thanks for the review!

  4. It sounds really interesting, I really like that green too! Anything that gets glitter off easy is a bonus, eh? x


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