Thursday 13 February 2014

Review Week, Day Four: Deborah Lippmann Polishes

Hey everyone! I'm so excited for today's post, because this is the first time you've seen Deborah Lippmann polishes on my blog, and these are gorgeous polishes to start off with. I have two polishes from the Spring 2014 collection to show you and a couple of polishes from upcoming collections!

First up is Blue Orchid*, an amazing sky blue from the Spring Collection, this was 2 thin easy coats, but 1 might have been enough

Next up is Maniac*, which I can't seem to find any information about. This was 2 easy coats but 1 might have been okay, like with Blue Orchid

Next is Tip-Toe Through The Tulips*, another polish from the Spring 2014 collection. This was 2 easy coats

 And finally is Walking on Sunshine,* an amazing yellow. This is from the summer collection so it's not yet released, but when it is if you can get your hands on it i'd definitely recommend it. This was 3 thin coats, but over black polish it was incredibly easy and opaque to use for nail art (which you'll see next week).

Overall I'm really impressed, these are definitely worth their price tag. They look amazing, dry quickly and have a brilliant formula. If you're interested you can buy them here

What do you think? Let me know in the comments!


  1. oh how I wish I can afford these polishes right now. I want every color.

  2. I'm loving tip toe through the tulips! Such a pretty shade :D

    I have one Deborah Lippmann polish in my collection and would recommend them despite the price tag.

  3. I believe the purple (Maniac) and the yellow (Walking on Sunshine) are actually from the summer 2014 collection that won't be released for another few months. Too cool that you got them!

  4. While these polishes are gorgeous, I find myself drooling over your lovely nail shape! I think you may have inspired me to go shorter and slightly rounded! :)

  5. What cute nail polishes, especially the first one :)

  6. All of these are lovely but the Walking on Sunshine is such a vibrant colour i love it and it would be fab in summer!

  7. These swatches are great! Blue Orchid is such a nice colour! :)


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