Thursday 7 April 2016

Then and Now: Flowers and Beads

Hey everyone. It's been a very long time since I did a 'then and now' type post, I actually did these nails and another design I'll show you next week just after christmas, but I wanted to post them on a Thursday as a kind of #ThrowbackThursday type post, but I kept realising on Fridays that I hadn't posted them. Turns out Thursdays kind of pass me by. So upon realising today was Thursday, I made sure I sat down and wrote this so that another Thursday doesn't come and go. My friend Very Emily has also recently been doing Throwback Thursday posts and I've absolutely loved seeing hers, so I hope you like mine too.

Today's 'Then and Now' post is based off these nails I did around 3 and a half years ago, which many people said at the time were Marc Jacobs-esque. These were actually really popular when I first posted them, so it will be interesting to see if there's a similar reception for these. It's also really interesting to see how my photography has changed, although admittedly the original nails were from when I started to get a hang of where I wanted my blog to go. So you can see 'my' pose starting to develop, and my nails are relatively short compared to some of my really early posts. I've also included a picture after the jump for those too lazy to click the link

I kind of prefer the original nails, weirdly enough, because I think I went a bit OTT with the studs on my latest version, but my photo quality is definitely an improvement, and my skin care is much better too. I found that despite having hundreds of blue polishes, I apparently don't possess a proper navy, so I had to use a very gloopy bottle of a W7 navy. Although this just gives me an excuse to buy more polish! 

I can't remember the colours for the original nails, but I'd reckon they were probably the same or similar to what I used this time as I used polishes that I'd had for years. The base is an unnamed W7 polish, and China Glaze - Light As Air. Then I used the China Glaze for the flowers on the navy, and China Glaze - White on White for the flowers on the lilac. The ball studs are from ages ago but I would assume they're from Born Pretty Store. Finished off with a coat of Seche Vite

What do you think? Do you prefer the original or the latest version? 
Let me know your thoughts in the comments!


  1. I'm SO in love with these nails! Marc Jacobs Daisy is one of my favorite perfumes so the design really sparks my interest :)

  2. These are super gorgeous! Instantly reminded me of the Marc Jacobs perfume. You can see the progression between now and 3,5 years but both are flawless!! Thanks for the link, so sweet! <3 I need to pick up this series again, I've been swamped with reviews!

  3. The improvement on your picture quality is huge! You've always been good at nail art clearly because the old ones look just as good as the new ones haha

  4. Cute cute! Simply and elegant! Just my style! Love it!

  5. Such a cute look, and I love both versions!


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