Saturday 17 May 2014

Barry M Summer 2014 Gelly Nail Polish Collection - Swatches and Review

Hey everyone! Today I have the absolutely gorgeous new Barry M Summer Gelly collection to show you. When I first saw this collection I thought it seemed a bit mismatched, and I wasn't entirely sure if the colours worked together, but now I've seen them in person I definitely think they all work well together. There are a lot of really unique and gorgeous colours that definitely deserve a chance. The collection includes my new favourite off-white polish, as you'll see below, so that alone is enough to make the collection my favourite! 

First up is Almond*, this was 2 coats. Out of all the polishes this had the thickest consistency, but it was manageable. Shown without topcoat. This reminds me a lot of Vanilla from the Matte Collection, i've yet to try them side by side but from the images this seems to be slightly darker

Next is Damson*, this again was 2 coats but it was almost completely opaque in one. I prefer to do 2 coats but I think you would be more than likely be able to get away with one if you're in a rush etc. My issue with this polish was the smell, it's quite strong. Allie from Brit Nails suggested that it may be attempting to smell like fruit, but to me it's just chemically. If you can get past the smell (which doesnt linger), this polish is great. Shown without topcoat

Next is Elderberry*. I absolutely LOVE this colour, it's so unique. This was 2 easy coats without topcoat

 Kiwi* is a gorgeous vibrant green. This was two easy coats without topcoat. Although it's a bit more oily than your usual creme polish in consistency, that actually makes it easier to apply smoothly

Another unique colour from the collection is Olive*. There are plenty of olive colours out there, but I think this is more subtle than most. This was two easy coats without topcoat

Pink Punch* is a gorgeous bright pink. This was two easy coats without topcoat

And finally is Coconut*, my absolute favourite from the collection. I've been looking for the perfect creme polish for a long time. Most people claim to have found it in OPI - My Vampire Is Buff but for me that's still too close to a nude rather than a cream. This however, is just what I've been wanting. You've already seen it in my nail art from yesterday, and I'm sure you'll be seeing it repeatedly. I'll definitely be purchasing another bottle of this. Shown is 2 easy coats without topcoat

Overall, I'm really impressed with the whole collection. They're amazing quality and opacity, and they're all great for summer. If I had to pick one colour it would of course be Coconut, but Elderberry is a close second!

These are all available now in Boots and Superdrug, and online at Barry M, and they retail at £3.99

What do you think? Let me know in the comments!


  1. Such pretty colours, I own so many of the Barry M gelly shine's now!

  2. I can't help but love them all!

  3. Loving all these swatches and colours! Olive and Coconut is my top love from this collection. If I can only choose 1, I'm going with Olive. I don't have anything like that in my stash ^.^ Anyway, I believe I already have a shade like Almond.. but because its name is Almond, makes me feel like buying. Lol! Need to resist! >.<

  4. All of them are gorgeous ! Especially Damson and Coconut ♥

  5. Coconut is perfect, just what I've been looking for too. I'll have to hot-foot it down to Boots this week.

  6. We thought the same about this at first - the colours look a bit mis-matched at first but they really work. Coconut is my stand out from the collection. Jo's is Elderberry. To me Damson smelled like weed. Shame because it's a nice shade. Emma.xx

  7. I love that all of these colors are so perfect for summer! (:

  8. These colors are so fabulous! I love all of them but especially Elderberry -- what a great new take on a neutral!


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