Monday 26 May 2014

Review Week, Day 1: Models Own Polish For Tans Collection 2014 Swatches

Hey everyone! In case you missed my announcement yesterday, this week I'm going to be doing another review week as I have so many polishes to show you. Today's post is a well-overdue review of the Models Own Polish for Tans collection*. I've had these polishes sat in my review pile for quite a while, and I must admit I'd been quite reluctant to try them. As you will have seen from my pictures, I am not a tanned person, and mistakenly I believed that these were only really suitable for people with tans. I was, however, completely wrong, and I have fallen in love with these polishes. The collection consists of 5 colours, three of which I received to review. I was also slightly put off but how similar the colours looked in the bottle to each other, but once I got them on the nail I was in love with each and every one of them. My gradient from yesterday demonstrates how wearable these polishes are. They also made my hands look particularly tanned, even though I definitely am not!

Beach Bag* is a gorgeous peachy neon. You saw this colour yesterday, but it looks just as amazing on its own. This was 2 easy coats without topcoat

Next is Shades*, a brilliant bright pink. This is a typical highlighter colour neon, and it doesn't disappoint. This was 2 coats without topcoat. I found application with this the hardest of the three, you might be able to tell from the photos that it looks a little bumpy. Although, this would be fine with topcoat so it's not a huge deal

And finally is Sunhat* an amazing barbie pink neon. I definitely dont own anything like this (although I dont own many neons), and I love it! This was 2 easy coats without topcoat

What do you think? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. I love all the colours but I think Shades would suit me best. Lovely pics of the swatches
    Rachel xx

  2. Wonderful colors! Love them :)

  3. I love all these colors! I wish it was easier to get to get models own polish in the states i would own almost every color!

    brittany from bribyday

  4. I wasn't sure about this collection either at first, but your swatches have changed my mind! I think Shades is my favourite! :)

  5. these are beautiful! definitely my favorite shades :)

  6. these colours are amazing.
    i feel like i need these in my life.

    Hayley \\

  7. You have the perfect nails model. I love the vibrant colors. -


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